Fabric Expansion Joint



Main types

1. flat flange type: this type has heat isolation  layer, applied to high-temperature locations, and with prevention of dust  deposition.
2. flanging flange type: applied to low temperature locations.

Design pressure


Design temp.


Size, shape


Materials: singe or multi-layer composite materials of: silicone rubber-coated glass cloth, fluorine rubber-coated glass cloth,  ptfe laminated glass cloth, epdm rubber coated glass cloth, nbr-coated glass cloth and ptfe film etc.

? flue pipes of coal-fired boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, exhaust-heat boiler
? exhaust pipe of gas turbine
? desulphurization system
?various industry flue pipes and exhaust systems

image040                                          image041

Product Images:

image042                  image043

Round fabric expansion joint                                                                    Round fabric expansion joint

image044                                      image045

Rectangular fabric expansion joint                                                                      Rubber expansion joint

image046                           image047

Rectangular fabric expansion joint                                                       Rubber expansion joint