Twin-Sphere Rubber Joint with Floating Flanges


This product is mainly applicable for piping systems in commercial and industrial buildings and plants.

Applicable fuids are exclusively water including cold water, warm water, cooled water, sea water, etc.
This product can not be used for drinking water, pool water, oil, or boiled water.

No. Parts Material
1 Flange Mild Steel / Ductile Iron
2 Reinforcing Ring Carbon Steel
3 Inner Rubber Synthetic Rubber
4 Outer Rubber Synthetic Rubber
5 Reinforcing Cord Synthetic Fiber

Flanges with mild steel and ductile iron in JIS10K, ANSI150, PN16 are standard. For other fanges, please consult us.
Flange material can be changed to SUS304 and SUS316.

Flange material for 350&400mm is mild steel only.

Operating Conditions and Performance


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