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  • Artificial intelligence robot with emotional air strikes

    Rubber joints are often used in pipelines and pump valves for petroleum, chemical, smelting, etc., because the product can compensate for displacement in the axial, lateral, angular and other directions of the pipeline through its own good elastic deformation, with unit area compensation. The utility model has the advantages of large quantity, good pressure bearing, aging resistance and long service life, and the installation of the rubber joint can alleviate the adverse effects caused by the axial thrust of the pipeline. Moreover, the installation of the rubber joint can effectively reduce the construction difficulty of the pipeline joint. Thereby achieving a perfect docking of the pipeline

    2019/11/06 2

  • Metal hoses are not far from being scrapped once these six conditions occur

    There is no doubt that stainless steel metal hoses have high corrosion resistance and long service life, but in the long-term use, due to problems in the product itself and in use, stainless steel met

    2019/11/05 11

  • How to configure the metal hose for the swivel joint

    Most of the metal hoses are made of all stainless steel. Therefore, it is better than other pipes in terms of flexibility and corrosion resistance. However, different media not only use different rotary joints, but also different hose configurations. Especially the length of the metal hose. It should be configured according to different rotary joints. Too long will cause inconvenience and waste of resources. Too short will result in insufficient flexibility of the hose and will not function as a metal hose.

    2019/11/05 5

  • What is the valve? What is it used for?

    The valve is a control component in the pipeline fluid delivery system, which is used to change the passage section and the flow direction of the medium, and has the functions of diversion, cutoff, throttling, check, split or overflow relief.

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