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How to configure the metal hose for the swivel joint

2019-11-05 09:45:24 1

Most of the metal hoses are made of all stainless steel. Therefore, it is better than other pipes in terms of flexibility and corrosion resistance. However, different media not only use different rotary joints, but also different hose configurations. Especially the length of the metal hose. It should be configured according to different rotary joints. Too long will cause inconvenience and waste of resources. Too short will result in insufficient flexibility of the hose and will not function as a metal hose.

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Q-type swivel joints must be equipped with hoses. Because the Q-type sealing structure needs to automatically adjust the concentricity and automatically compensate the pressure to ensure the sealing surface fit. Therefore, the hose of the Q-type rotary joint is considered to not affect the free swing of the rotary joint. Especially for heat transfer oil rotary joints, be sure to use a metal hose that is long enough. Make sure that the metal hose has enough room to move and avoid stress on the weld. Here are a few specific points about the need to configure a metal hose for a swivel joint:

The length of the common configuration metal hose is 500mm. The hose of the two-inch rotary joint configuration is only required to move the joint enough. The choice of two inches or more is called the configuration of the hose to take into account the lack of flexibility of the hose, so it must be particularly lengthened 20mm - 50mm. The hose can be bent 180°.

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Type selection of hose: It is best to use a ring wave hose. If using a spiral wave hose, it is best to use it one and a half inches. At the same time, the hose can be bent at any angle of 180°.

Hose sealing knot: The most stable or tapered transition joint is currently used. In the early days, the sealing form with flat head and gasket was mostly changed to a tapered ball head sealing structure.

Hose pressure-receiving capacity: the water-passing rotary joint configuration hose can withstand 1.0Mpa; the steam rotary joint configuration hose should be resistant to 1.5Mpa; the heat-transfer oil rotary joint configuration hose is preferably used with a slightly higher pressure. Metal Hose. It is recommended to use a metal hose with a double mesh. And wrap the outside of the hose with fireproof insulation. One is to keep warm, and the other is to protect.