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Artificial intelligence robot with emotional air strikes

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Rubber joints are often used in pipelines and pump valves for petroleum, chemical, smelting, etc., because the product can compensate for displacement in the axial, lateral, angular and other directions of the pipeline through its own good elastic deformation, with unit area compensation. The utility model has the advantages of large quantity, good pressure bearing, aging resistance and long service life, and the installation of the rubber joint can alleviate the adverse effects caused by the axial thrust of the pipeline. Moreover, the installation of the rubber joint can effectively reduce the construction difficulty of the pipeline joint. Thereby achieving a perfect docking of the pipeline

As China continues to accelerate the development of industrialization, the pipeline industry closely related to its development has also ushered in a new era of industry development, and the pipeline caliber and pipeline operating environment have undergone great changes compared with the traditional, first of all, the pipeline caliber The change, as the scale of the company expands, also requires large-diameter pipelines to support, so for rubber joint manufacturers, mastering the production of large-diameter rubber joints is very important for the company's own development.

As a professional rubber joint manufacturer, Changzhou Parosen International Trading Co.,Ltd. can produce rubber joints up to DN4000. Users may not have much concept about this diameter. For example, the general manufacturer produces DN2000 rubber joints. The limit of the rubber joint manufacturer with a certain strength can produce rubber joints within DN3000, and our company is one of the few manufacturers that can produce super large rubber joints. The quality and performance of the products also reach the high level of the rubber joint industry. Level.

Secondly, the development of China's chemical industry in particular puts more stringent requirements on the pipeline operating environment. The high temperature, high pressure, acid and alkali corrosion resistance of the pipeline are all practical problems that need to be solved immediately by our manufacturers. Otherwise, the product performance is not The need to be able to develop the pipeline industry will be eliminated by the market. Changzhou Parosen International Trading Co.,Ltd. combines many years of experience in production and installation. Through years of painstaking research, it has finally been equipped with special rubber joints made of sophisticated special rubber compounds. These rubber joints can be used for specific pipeline environments. Good adaptability, for example, by adding a nitrile rubber joint on the oil-resistant pipe, it can effectively avoid cracking and pull-off caused by local expansion of the rubber joint due to molecular expansion of the rubber joint.

Changzhou Parosen International Trading Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various compensators, force transmission joints, soft joints, waterproof casings and bellows compensators. We insist on the production concept of "scientific and technological innovation, excellent products". Provide quality service for new and old customers!