Performance Parameters of Metal Hose

Performance Parameters of Metal Hose

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Product Introdiction

Structure and function:

Metal hoses are used as economical, flexible connecting elements that permit movement, thermal expansion and vibrations, and that can be used as filling hoses. The starting material is a seamless or longitudinally welded, thin-walled tube into which corrugations are introduced by mechanical or hydraulic means using special tools. Corrugated hoses are absolutely leak-tight and are used to convey liquids or gases under pressure or as vacuum lines. They are also referred to as pressure hoses. Their special design achieves both flexibility and pressure resistance.)

Application areas of metal hoses:

With its ability to meet high demands for conveying hot and cold substances, this modern technology has the following major areas of application:

• Electrical industry and mechanical engineering: as a protective hose for electrical cables or light conductors

• As a suction, conveying and coolant hose, e.g. when conveying and transporting liquid gas

• Automotive industry: as an exhaust gas hose that acts as a vibration decoupler in exhaust systems

• As a ventilation hose in technical building equipment

• Steel industry

• Measuring and control equipment

• Medical equipment

• Aviation and space travel

• Reactor technology

• Regenerative energies (solar heat, wind turbines, etc.)